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Meet the Team

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Innovative Quality,
Competitively Priced

We founded StickiPad out of a pure passion for people. Our goals, ambitions and inspirations have come together to form a truly amazing company that all of us are proud to be a part of. Get in touch to learn more about StickiPad, and how we’ve been loyally serving our customers since 2000.

Why StickiPad


We believe in designing, developing, and manufacturing truly innovative products and creative presentations. We understand that consistency helps support both small and corporate businesses to operate at the highest level. 


StickiPad has built it's stellar reputation on attention to detail for every single order. Yes, we will do handstands to help you achieve your goals, and make it easy to do business with us.


Choosing a manufacturing partner for businesses in the distribution industry means more than looking for satisifaction with your end product. It is the whole experience of working together, in the day-to-day interactions, and in every point of contact.

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